XQuery Reflection

September 17, 2008

I have been thinking about this issue for a while in regards to working on a Marklogic as an Xml Platform.  My wish is for an XQuery Reflection functionality that would allow me to inspect module metadata for various programming tasks such as dynamic programming, documentation stubs and plugin modules. So given a module at a specific uri, you could ask for an xml representation of the module in a serialized xml version.

module “urn:my-module”
declare namespace ns1 = http://www.myns.com
declare namespace ns2 = http://www.ns2.com
import module namespace util = “urn:my-utilities” at “../utilities.xqy”

define function map($node as element(ns2:object)) as element(ns1:object)*


Would return:

<namespace-declaration prefix=”ns1″ uri=”http://www.myns.com”/&gt;
<namespace-declaration prefix=”ns2″ uri=”http://www.ns2.com”/&gt;
<module-declaration prefix=”util” uri=”urn:my-utilities” location=”../utilities.xqy”/>
<function name=”map”>
   <return type=”element” prefix=”ns1″ localname=”object” cardinality=”*”/>
   <parameter name=”node” type=”element” prefix=”ns2″ localname=”object” cardinality=””/> 

 Question:  How would anybody else see this being useful?


Customer Appreciation Dinner with Marklogic

September 17, 2008

Great Time tonight with the folks at Marklogic to show a little appreciation for there customers at Wolfgangs Steakhouse in NYC.  Good to get out from my lonely cubicle and hobnob with some real technologist.  Thanks everyone from Marklogic for such a great event.

PS. If Dave Kellog happens to catch this post.  I am looking to share my thoughts on some of the integration points I spoke to you about.