Converting Arabic to Roman Numerals

So I spent a little time cracking my head to write a number converter for roman numerals in XQuery.  Most examples from java and such use a while loop to do the conversion.  This is not possible in xquery so to simulate the while loop using recursion the solution is very simple just use a simulated queue that pops off the values while it builds the Roman Numerals.

declare variable

$romanAlpha as xs:string* :=
(“M”, “CM”, “D”, “CD”, “C”, “XC”, “L”, “XL”,“X”,“IX”, “V”, “IV”,“I”);

declare variable $romanNums as xs:integer* :=
converts arabic number to a roman numeral

declare function local:number-to-roman($num as xs:integer){
if($num eq 0) then
else if($num gt 3999) then
fn:error(xs:QName(“INVALID_ARGUMENT”),“Cannot Convert Number Larger than 3999”)
Recursion Method used to calculate the roman numeral

declare function local:recursive-roman(
$num as xs:integer,
$alpha as xs:string,
$sequences as xs:integer*){
let $i := $sequences[1]
let $rom-a := $romanAlpha[fn:index-of($romanNums,$i)]
if(fn:not($sequences) and $num eq 0) then
if($num gt $i) then
local:recursive-roman($num $i, fn:concat($alpha,$rom-a),$sequences)
else if($num lt $i) then
local:recursive-roman($num, $alpha,fn:remove($sequences,1))
else if($num eq $i) then


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